Equine Deep Tissue Massage - Stress Point Therapy is the most effective way to heal muscular problems

Working with horsesStresspoint therapy is an exact therapy, which treats the cause of a problem instead of just the symptoms.

Regular muscle maintenance improves the performance levels of your horse. If you address muscular problems when they first happen, you will save yourself and your equine friend a lot of unnecessary anguish. Prevention is better than cure. As long as you have tightening and stress build up in the muscles, any work you do will aggravate the problem. Resting for a short amount of time after an initial injury is essential. However, if it is left for too long it will allow the damage to achieve permanent status.

              Muscle injury is cumulative by nature.
To be able to work with massage and stresspoint therapy all you need is your hands, no expensive equipment, no expensive training courses, only your intention, faith and commitment to the healing of your equine friend.

Stress Point Massage
Highly Effective and Fun
A Matter of Muscle

Equine Deep Tissue Massage and Stresspoint Therapy with Shousharny.


Results Speak for themselves,
highly recommended.
- Lisa Latta - Racehorse Trainer

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Many horses are performing well below their true capabilities at race meetings and equine events. The most basic requirement for a good performance is the freedom of muscle function.
Do any of these problems sounds familiar?

Unresolved or intermittent lameness
Cold/Sore Back
Disunited paces
Uneven muscle development
Muscle wastage
Deterioration in performance
Lymphatic/lactic acid imbalance

Relaxed after Stress Point massage
Relaxed after a treatment and went on to win her first start.


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